June 3 2020

As we have now reached June, it is fairly obvious that we shall not be able to have a members evening on June 29; however the advantage of this is that you will now have a whole year to polish your contributions for members evening 2021.
We now have our usual break until the (potential)September meeting.As always at present, this meeting (and subsequent meetings) will be subject to government directives. Please keep an eye on our website for any update to this position, and please inform any members you may know who are not computer users.

However, spring has happened all around us, so here are some pictures taken in our gardens and while out for our exercise walks. Since we have passed the season of dog roses and poppies, now we also have here a gallery of summer photos.You are invited to email us your own pictures of this summer around Aylsham to add to this gallery.

Muntjac at Titchwell

Common Frog

Slow worm

Norfolk Hawker dragonfly

Green-veined White butterfly

The Aylsham & District Wildlife Society is open to all who have an interest in wildlife. We are a friendly club of amateur enthusiasts who meet once a month and have the occasional field excursion.

Where do we Meet ?
Friendship Hall, Cawston Road, Aylsham, NR11 6DS

Membership Fees :
Annual (January - December) : £12.00
Visitor : £2.00 per meeting.

How to join :
Just turn up at one of our meetings.

When do we meet?
The last Monday of every month, at 7.30pm. from September to June.

Our Programme :
We try to arrange a range of wildlife topics related to Norfolk and its environs with the occasional talk of a worldwide flavour.

Support for Conservation Projects :
We raise funds to support projects of a local, national and international nature eg : Norfolk Wildlife Trust, R.S.P.B., Hawk & Owl Trust etc.

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Fox and cubs